Advent: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Ever since we started recognizing and actively participating in Advent, I have loved this time of year.  Without Advent, I used to feel that Christmas just came and went, and some years I was left feeling indifferent and unchanged.  Shouldn’t Christmas, as a follower of Christ, be more than that? I have to admit that December came out of nowhere to me this year.  I know it always comes after … Continue Reading →

One Lovely Blog Award

I have enjoyed writing and posting over the last few years, but I haven’t had the chance to keep up and write and post consistently over the last few months (or more).  I am still getting used to having four children.  And don’t worry, I’m okay with that. So I was pleasantly surprised when Dem Golden Apples received the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thank you to David Brazzeal at Pray … Continue Reading →

Bringing Out the Best in the Strong-Willed

I have a strong-willed child.  After reading things about this special type of child/person, I made a few realizations: 1. I was a strong-willed child, too. 2. Strong-willed people get things done. 3. It is not a bad thing.  At all. Even though I am not technically the first born in my family, I did and do function as the first born in character traits (plus there is an extensive … Continue Reading →

Intentionality in Marriage

Two weeks ago I started attending a Bible study at my church led by some dear friends.  The study is geared for younger married couples, and so far they are nailing it.  Both of the last two weeks I have walked away with a lot to think and pray about, a lot of notes, and some good meaty truth to chew on. This week we looked at the passages in … Continue Reading →

Cultivating Contentment in Your Children Part 2

For Part 1 click here. I have a feeling this idea is going to have a lot of “Parts” to post.  We are continuing to learn about contentment around here.  It’s a theme in our household, and maybe it’s because we are human. Lately, we’ve had some extra fun.  There was a sweet baby born, there were two birthdays celebrated, and family and friend visits, and a birthday party.  With … Continue Reading →

Facebook and Relationships

Ah, Facebook.  It’s pretty much changed things hasn’t it?  There are some great things about it.  For example, how else would I have ever gotten in contact again with friends from elementary school?  You can get coupons from companies through their Facebook pages, find out about events, and remember people’s birthdays. Some of the negatives, in my opinion, involve a sort of pseudo-connectivity with others, less privacy, and the boldness … Continue Reading →

When More Fun is Calling

The last week has been stressful.  I don’t know exactly why other than the fact that I have been less patient, feeling pressure of getting some things done before the new baby is born – which will be anytime within the next three weeks or so.  Also we had a vacation last week, so perhaps getting back into routine was harder? Homeschooling has been moving along, chores are getting done, … Continue Reading →

Bringer of Joy

A few weeks ago I wrote about our attempts to find out the gender of the next little blessing we expect to join our family in April.  You can read that here if you are not up to speed. Well in an unexpected turn of events, my initial ultrasound appointment with my midwife’s backup physician was changed to a much earlier date.  One of the most fun parts of this was … Continue Reading →

Monthly Memo: January/February 2014

Ok, so I know that “Monthly Memo” is not really a clear name for what I know do as a memo every two months, but it’s just so catchy. Anywho. How’s the new year going?  It’s already into February, and I don’t think I have forgotten to write “2014” instead of “2013” once!  That has to be a new achievement.  I wrote a couple of weeks ago about resolutions vs … Continue Reading →

Half My Life

I had a moment this week when I was overwhelmed with immense gratitude.  Maybe there were several moments leading up to this, but one moment in particular gave me again a glimpse of that for which I am most thankful. This week I celebrated the anniversary of when I decided to follow Jesus as my Lord and my Savior.  It’s been half of my life now that I have been … Continue Reading →