A Dance Offering for Advent

Being pregnant during Christmas always leads me to thinking more about Mary and what it must have been like to be pregnant with Jesus.  Not only was she pregnant with the Messiah, but also she was young, a virgin, pledged to be married, and had a story about how it all happened that many people found difficult to believe.  I will never have a pregnancy so interestingly and gloriously difficult.  Nonetheless, Mary was faithful.  She was humble.  She must have continually been in wonder at the whole situation.

As I have been thinking about this and preparing my own heart throughout Advent, I saw something in a song I have loved for a while.  It’s on a Christmas album I have and love, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is just a Christmas song.

Somehow I saw Mary in this song suddenly.  Perhaps she was just in the middle of some mundane task when she felt the baby move.  Suddenly she was reminded again of the marvel happening inside her body.  Not just a baby, but Him.  How a moment like that must have moved her into worship.  Perhaps she removed her shoes recognizing the holy ground on which she stood.  Perhaps she was moved to wash her hands and face as a recognition of humility before God Almighty.  Perhaps she was compelled to dance, to run, to ponder all of these things again and again.  In the midst of what was undoubtedly a socially challenging situation, those moments must have filled her with joy and caused her to worship her Emmanuel, God With Us, who would come in due time.

These thoughts led me to rejoice, too, and also to make this video.  I pray that it will help you to rejoice in our Emmanuel and make room for Him in your heart now and always.

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