Bringer of Joy

0-girl-thing-1A few weeks ago I wrote about our attempts to find out the gender of the next little blessing we expect to join our family in April.  You can read that here if you are not up to speed.

Well in an unexpected turn of events, my initial ultrasound appointment with my midwife’s backup physician was changed to a much earlier date.  One of the most fun parts of this was that we got to surprise my husband.  I had to go during the day while he was at work because of the office’s scheduling, so I decided to just not tell him and make it a surprise.  With snacks, audiobooks, and prayer I took our three children to said appointment.

As I mentioned in the previous post about all of this, our family realized that we were not yet ready to hear whether this baby was a boy or girl because our hearts were not yet content.  Since the first attempt for gender reveal, we had been praying about this, and the Lord really changed our hearts to be ready.

I saw this especially in my girls on the way to the appointment.  Suddenly they were excited about the potential of having another sister.  This was a big change.  And I really felt ready either way.  It was with thankfulness that we walked through the doors and signed in.

I had asked the Lord to please make it either astoundingly clear who this little one is or that we just would continue not to know yet.  I didn’t want uncertainty.  And as the screen shone brightly in that dark little room, it was clear as day.  Another girl.

My two oldest hugged each other and jumped up and down.  We were all laughing.  My youngest said, “Buddy!” because we had told her that another girl meant a buddy for her.

And it struck me.  Her name means “bringer of joy.”  How appropriate.  My word focus last year was JOY, and hear I am carrying a little bringer of joy.  Also, her first and middle names together mean, “God is our satisfaction and bringer of joy.”  We fell in love with this name and meaning as the Lord worked on our hearts throughout this pregnancy.

He brings contentment.  He brings joy.  He brings satisfaction.

What beautiful truth!

So the girls and I bought a couple of little outfits, wrapped them up, and surprised my husband when he came home that day.  And we were all able to rejoice together.

And though we hear comments like, “Oh your poor husband,” and “Well, I guess you’ll have to keep trying for a boy,” we rejoice in the gift of another little girl and ask the Lord to help us (especially me) be gracious with the givers of such comments.

My husband does not feel poor, and we don’t think trying for a boy is the ultimate goal.  The ultimate goal is honoring the Lord and in thankfulness and contentment giving Him the glory for His plan for our family.

Furthermore, I just love calling her by name now.

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