In the Season of Growing

So it’s been a while since you’ve seen me around here.  It’s been a season of growing, and quite honestly I didn’t expect it to be like this. We have to find a new home.  Our landlord, a good one though he is, has increased our rent to an amount that is well above our breaking point, so we started house hunting in this market where owning is actually cheaper than renting.  I don’t know about where you live, but here, we’ll be saving around $400 a month just by paying a mortgage.  It’s kind of crazy. We started out … Continue Reading →

Advent: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Ever since we started recognizing and actively participating in Advent, I have loved this time of year.  Without Advent, I used to feel that Christmas just came and went, and some years I was left feeling indifferent and unchanged.  Shouldn’t Christmas, as a follower of Christ, be more than that? I have to admit that December came out of nowhere to me this year.  I know it always comes after November, but on the eve of December 1st I stood in my kitchen shocked.  Tomorrow would begin the season of Advent (if we are using the December 1-25 plan), and … Continue Reading →

Facebook and Relationships

Ah, Facebook.  It’s pretty much changed things hasn’t it?  There are some great things about it.  For example, how else would I have ever gotten in contact again with friends from elementary school?  You can get coupons from companies through their Facebook pages, find out about events, and remember people’s birthdays. Some of the negatives, in my opinion, involve a sort of pseudo-connectivity with others, less privacy, and the boldness of others who with their fingers pounding their keyboards or tapping their touch screens can say things they would never think of saying in person – or maybe not even … Continue Reading →

Bringer of Joy

A few weeks ago I wrote about our attempts to find out the gender of the next little blessing we expect to join our family in April.  You can read that here if you are not up to speed. Well in an unexpected turn of events, my initial ultrasound appointment with my midwife’s backup physician was changed to a much earlier date.  One of the most fun parts of this was that we got to surprise my husband.  I had to go during the day while he was at work because of the office’s scheduling, so I decided to just not … Continue Reading →

Half My Life

I had a moment this week when I was overwhelmed with immense gratitude.  Maybe there were several moments leading up to this, but one moment in particular gave me again a glimpse of that for which I am most thankful. This week I celebrated the anniversary of when I decided to follow Jesus as my Lord and my Savior.  It’s been half of my life now that I have been following Him.  Although I don’t think it is necessary to know the day or even week that this happened, I am still thankful to have a date to celebrate.  I … Continue Reading →

A Dance Offering for Advent

Being pregnant during Christmas always leads me to thinking more about Mary and what it must have been like to be pregnant with Jesus.  Not only was she pregnant with the Messiah, but also she was young, a virgin, pledged to be married, and had a story about how it all happened that many people found difficult to believe.  I will never have a pregnancy so interestingly and gloriously difficult.  Nonetheless, Mary was faithful.  She was humble.  She must have continually been in wonder at the whole situation. As I have been thinking about this and preparing my own heart … Continue Reading →

Worshipping the Lord Through Dance

* I apologize for the lack of spaces in between paragraphs.  I am not sure why that won’t stop happening with this post.  Please read it anyway. (Thank you!) If you are like me, you had no idea that something amazing has been going on in the LA area for the last eight years!  There has been a vibrant ministry hosting a Christian urban dance festival every summer!  Click here to check out Word In Motion and The Underground Church. It was such a gift from the Lord to participate in this year’s festival!  I knew it would be amazing, but I … Continue Reading →

Joy in Panama: Journal Entry #2

You know that moment when you realize that the expectations you had were uncomfortably different than what  became the reality of a situation? It happens.  Sometimes it is just impossible to have accurate expectations.  The key is realizing the problem and running to God for the solution.  I found myself in the thick of this while we were in Panama.  The team part of the ministry trip had been underway for several days, and suddenly I felt myself struggle – kind of a lot. We had traveled to another city and were staying in a hotel.  It is the type … Continue Reading →

{Guest Post} Finding Joy in Difficult Circumstances

Guest Post from Eva Piper  When confronted with difficult circumstances we often feel lost. It’s like being in the middle of a dense forest on a cloudy night. You struggle to find a way out, you hear unexpected noises, your imagination runs wild. Your mind tells you the moon and stars are just hidden by the clouds but they seem so far away. At that moment the only reality is the darkness that surrounds you on all sides. That’s the situation I found myself  following my husband’s tragic accident where he was hit head on by an 18 wheeler. I … Continue Reading →

Joy in Panama: Journal Entry #1

The breeze is cool right now.  Rare this is in this hot place.  It’s raining and has been. I like the sound of rain and thunder.  It makes me remember how powerful God is.  I think of Elijah and the many stories of God’s power through him.  I think of the thunder and lightning said to be around God’s throne.  Hard to fathom really.  He is all powerful. All powerful! What joy comes form knowing this and trusting Him. Sometimes we complain about the rain back home.  It inconveniences us.  Our plans are hindered.  Our shoes ruined.  However the rain … Continue Reading →