Making Space for God

Leave space for me with linkSomehow it is January.

Somewhere around December 20 I realized that I would not get to finish a lot of things I wanted to accomplish before the end of the year.  I decided it was okay.

I didn’t finish reading through my Advent devotionals this year, so I am reading the rest of them now.  I realize that God’s timing is perfect, and just because Christmas has just passed us again doesn’t mean that He doesn’t have a message for me in those devotionals.

So I opened one up tonight before bed.

And there it was.  This was a message for me today.  It could have been a great message for me back in December, on the 22nd, because that is the date attached to this entry in this devotional.  But today, in January, God reached me again as He faithfully does.

Leave space for Me.

In a very real way we see Mary in the book of Luke making a space for God.  She willingly submitted to God’s plan even though it was much harder than I can imagine.  Her womb was a place where the Creator of her own body grew.  His cells multiplied in that space that He designed from the beginning.  Crazy to think about God coming down to be with us, and that He did it this way.

And me, sometimes I am so pregnant with ideas and ambitions and pursuits that I scarcely leave room for Him.  It’s not that I forget Him, necessarily, because I have grown to at least a certain level of maturity in my faith where that doesn’t happen as easily anymore.  But still.  I can get so driven that I find myself having to stop the train and get off for a minute.  I feel that gentle prod telling me to just put down the project and be with my family.  I feel such a sense of urgency to never forget to be intentionally devoted to them right now.

These ideas, they come from Him.  But my role as a wife and a mother are so incredibly important that I have to be careful to not get too far ahead of His timing.  I am given a certain amount of time each day.  Once that time is up, I need to go to bed and know that I tried my best or repent of not doing so and just go to sleep.  Tomorrow is a new day.

These little years, when the children are young, will go by so fast.  I don’t want to miss them.  I don’t want to look back with regret.  I want to seize this time and be here and now and just soak up the hugs and kisses and everything that comes with it.

And not just that.  I want to not just plan out my day or my week, but really lean in to hear the Lord’s plans for my day and my week.  I want to be willing to bend when He sends someone my way who takes me off of my plan and brings me closer to His.

I want to breathe life into my husband and my children with a well-rested smile and an attitude of thankfulness and contentment. Not because I am perfect or my life is perfect or easy, but because He is perfect.  His timing is perfect.  His ways are perfect.

Leave space for Me.

I hear Him gently calling this to me as I sit down with my planner.  As I think about how I didn’t get to study Spanish today or work on my choreography or make my blog more compelling, I hear Him.

Leave space for Me.

When I leave space for Him, I am surrendered to His will and receive the joy and peace that comes with that surrender.  It’s freedom.  It’s not about performance or accomplishments or checking off the to-do list.  It becomes again just about Him.  From there flows such life and goodness and joy that the rest takes care of itself because then I am working on what it is He has for me at that moment, for that day.

“Your greatest gift is not your gifts, but your surrendered yes to be a space for God.” – Ann Voskamp, The Greatest Gift

So I surrender…again.

This is a gift.  Merry Christmas to me…even in January.

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