Advent: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Ever since we started recognizing and actively participating in Advent, I have loved this time of year.  Without Advent, I used to feel that Christmas just came and went, and some years I was left feeling indifferent and unchanged.  Shouldn’t Christmas, as a follower of Christ, be more than that? I have to admit that December came out of nowhere to me this year.  I know it always comes after November, but on the eve of December 1st I stood in my kitchen shocked.  Tomorrow would begin the season of Advent (if we are using the December 1-25 plan), and … Continue Reading →

An Advent Reminder

It’s the season of Advent.  I love this time of year.  We really celebrate Christmas from December 1st (if not sooner) through the “12 days of Christmas” that begin the day after Christmas.  I love the devotionals, the crafts, the decorations, the pondering, and the preparation that all leads to celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day.  I think spending so much time getting ready for Christmas helps us to enjoy it more.  It doesn’t become just one day that comes and goes so fast when we are being intentional about celebrating and preparing our hearts and remembering what … Continue Reading →